Virtually every company reaches certain inflection points that can lead to either new levels of business performance– or dead-ends and stagnation. And, more often than not, your success is defined by how you execute. That’s where we shine. Our mission: provide consulting services that help companies in transition achieve operational excellence.

Our principals are a team of seasoned professionals who bring dozens of years of experience to every client engagement. We’re hands-on, on-site, and actively engaged in the projects we accept. What’s more, we’re driven by several principles:
  • We’re Not “Yes” Men – We won’t pull punches or tell you what you want to hear. We form opinions and make recommendations based on our experience and research. Without exception, our clients deserve – and get -- the truth in all instances.

  • We’re “Old School” – There just aren’t any shortcuts to operational excellence. It requires diligence, talent, and teamwork – the hallmarks of every Patricius engagement.

  • We’re Committed to your success – Our principals directly participate in our engagements. We partner
    with experts to deliver a high level of talent and experience. And when we accept an engagement, we are unwilling to fail.

  • We’re Pragmatic – We believe that it can sometimes be better to execute a good plan rather than wait for the perfect plan. Fundamentals matter.

  • We’re Independent – Our counsel is centered around your best interests – without hidden agendas. We’re not a division of some larger firm. We don’t resell products.

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