This is an unusual consulting firm – we specialize in the uncommon practice of actually implementing programs, processes, and tactics that rapidly deliver significant and measurable value. We steer clear of the typical consulting business model – countless lengthy meetings, fancy PowerPoint slides, endless planning cycles, and management fads. Instead, we quickly identify problems and opportunities – and deploy appropriate solutions

For companies in transition – entering new markets, facing liquidity problems, or experiencing greater competition – the key questions are: Where should you start? Which areas are critical and which ones can wait? Or what areas should be shut down immediately? This “triage” can be a painful process that benefits from an external perspective. We’ll help you identify and understand where the greatest weaknesses, threats, and opportunities lie in your organization.

We focus on the
core business processes and systems in your organization. If your risks or problems aren't related to any of these, we'll tell you. If they are, we help you with the next steps.

Based on the assessment and your role or responsibility, we develop a solution to help you achieve your objectives. Our recommendations are specific, practical, and grounded in measurable results. The last thing you’ll hear from us is “You need to be more aggressive in the ‘fill-in-your-favorite-buzzword’ space.”

For due diligence engagements, we can indicate likely scenarios to bring the target to a desired level. For corporate assessments, we clearly spell out staffing recommendations and infrastructure requirements as well. For large and complex projects, our consultants can help you identify the right tools, vendors, and services to execute the solution. Whether it involves business process outsourcing, systems integration, or recruitment and staffing, we can bring together the team to get it done.

Our’s calling card is executional excellence. We help you get it done – even under difficult circumstances.

  • Business Process Outsourcing – If you need to outsource a core business function, we can build and manage a comprehensive outsourced solution quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Project Management Office (PMO) Management, Testing, and Training - One of the more challenging aspects of change management and systems integration is the degree of focus you need to execute not only the process and systems change, but also the associated cultural and organizational changes. Patricius can bring experienced project managers, functional leaders, QA specialists and trainers to assist in these critical activities.

  • Post Implementation Audit - After a system implementation or business process reengineering engagement, we will perform an audit to document how well you or your agent vendors delivered the expected solution.

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